By Jorge Antonio Vallejos

Today is that day that many people dread: Monday.

I have heard people say, “I hate Mondays!”

My mom and my friends have said, “Mondays.  Mondays.  Mondays.”

I’m not a hater of Mondays but some Mondays are hard.

It is dark outside, the rain is coming, and my leg hurts.  The gray has me tired and I’m battling to stay awake and stay positive.

Accompanying the sound of my fingers typing is T.I singing What You Know.  I might YOUTUBE some Jay Z and Alicia Keys after so as to keep my mood up.

Mondays for me are always about starting my week on  Whether I’m featuring someone or a specific topic or just writing posts about life, Monday is a new beginning. 

My life is scheduled around Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

If I make plans with people during the week I tell them my best days are Tuesday and Thursday, or any weeknight and of course weekends.

People close to me know about you, my readers, and how I am committed to you 3 days a week, sometimes 4 on special weeks. 

While planning a private writing retreat with two people one of them said, “What about your readers?” 

Our retreat will start on a Monday and end on a Thursday and there won’t be internet access there. 

I said, “I’ll let them [my readers] know.” 

Every Monday I have to do something for my website.  It feels unnatural no to.  When I was up North last year on a trip I didn’t write for 3 weeks.  I felt so weird.  I felt like my purpose had died.  Essentially, a huge part of me was dormant, or sleeping, for 3 weeks. 

Mondays means life. 

When I hit PUBLISH on my dashboard I have given birth to a new post, a new connection with a reader, a new journey from my head, heart, and hands to someone else and the many places where the post ends up in the ether world.

It’s exciting to write for you.

It’s exciting to see where my work goes, how it is received, and where it ends up.

It’s exciting to start that new journey from head to heart to hands to the world.

Mondays are good for me.  Whether they are dark, wet, and full of pain, or sunny and uplifting, my Mondays are about life on the page, the screen, the web, and the many minds that ingest my output.

I love Mondays!


About Black Coffee Poet

Black Coffee Poet is a mixed race poet, essayist, and journalist who focuses on Social Justice, Indigenous Rights, STOPPING Violence Against Women, Film, and Literature.
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2 Responses to MONDAYS

  1. atow says:

    and i enjoy reading them, keep up the great work and happy monday 🙂

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