Black Coffee Poet would like to THANK 

Mom for giving him life and introducing him to books.

Aunty for buying him books.

Papi y Vecina for helping raise him and being supportive of his writing.

Aboriginal writers Marilyn Dumont, Daniel Heath Justice, Lee Maracle, and Simon Ortiz for mentoring Black Coffee Poet over the years.

The READERS who this site is made for and who make this site possible and worthwhile.

The Guest Writers for

First Nations House for giving Black Coffee Poet a space to write many of his poems, articles, and essays.  And for providing the Cafe Feminino that Black Coffee Poet drinks.

Jackie Esquimaux-Hamlin of Sucker Creek First Nation for giving him Grandpa’s coffee mug seen on the header.

The Navajo Nation for the print on the mug seen on the header.

The Cafe Feminino Indigenous Women’s Collective of Peru who grow, pick, and sell the coffee beans seen in the mug on the header and used to make much of the coffee Black Coffee Poet drinks.

Artist Jenna Karl ( for making the background to the site.

Zoi de la Pena for editing video for the site and for helping set up the menu.

Emma Sherman ( for putting together the Black Coffee Poet header and trying to figure out wordpress.

Lauren Snowball for providing the background pic (BCP holding yellow sign) taken at International Women’s Day March 2010, Toronto.

The Harvey Clan for always being supportive of what I do.

Cindy Bourgeois for giving me great advice on what makes a good website.

Cathryn Burwell for also giving me great advice on what makes a good website.

Vern Ross for giving me his code to access WiFi so I can run

All the poets who wrote the books reviewed for the site.

All the poets who read for the site.

The publishing houses that sent me review copies for the site.


3 Responses to THANKS

  1. Byron says:

    “Your mom for giving you life”….our moms are/were the most important person in our lives!! I’ve known your mom since you were a wee lad and I know she’s a very sweet and lovely lady that always has a smile and a greeting!!

  2. Fawad says:

    Jorge, I am so proud of you for persuing your dream! You were one of my one true friends and my thoughts and prayers are still with you. “Heaven is under the feet of your Mother” (to add to the comment above). Your mom is a really sweet lady and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met!

  3. Fawad Butt 416-562-6405 says:

    Jorge, I love the website!! Keep up the hard work my Brotha!

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