#SayHerName: Remembering Black Women Killed By Police This December 6th

#SayHerName: Remembering Black Women Killed By Police This December 6th

Hashtag and names of women provided by Gloria Carissa

Every December 6th I am one of many who brings attention to women forgotten and ignored by media and organizers of Canada wide vigils on this day: Indigenous, Of Colour, Sexworker, Queer & Trans, Disabled…

With the much deserved attention given to Black men killed by police provided by #BlackLivesMatter this year, I thought it was pertinent to put up some names of many Black women killed by police when Gloria Carissa brought it to my attention via her performance called What Are You Going To Do?

Content warning: violence described with every name listed.

Let us remember and honour:

Sandra Bland (28) supposed suicide in Texas county jail which relatives and friends do not believe, July 2015.

Alesia Thomas (35) kicked to death by LAPD, May 2015.

Janisha Fonville (20) shot at home when police responded to a domestic dispute, March 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mya Hall (27) transgender woman killed March 2015 by National Security Agency after crashing her car into a government facility.

Natasha McKenna (37) tased to death while cuffed and shackled, February 2015 at Fairfax, Virginia county jail.

Tanisha Anderson (37) killed via being restrained in a prone position, November 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Miriam Carey (34) shot after making a u-turn at White House gates, October 2013. Her 13 month old daughter was in the passenger seat.

Yvette Smith (45) shot to death February 2014 in Texas.

Rekia Boyd (22) shot by an off-duty police officer March 2012 in Chicago, Illinois.

Shelly Frey (27) shot to death by Wal-Mart security in Texas December 2012.

Darnisha Harris (17) shot while driving her car in Beaux Bridge, Lousianna December 2012.

Malissa Williams (30) killed when police fired 137 shots into the car she was riding in November 2012, Cleveland, Ohio.

Shantel Davis (23) killed by plain-clothes NYPD officers, June 2012.

Shereese Francis (29) mentally ill, suffocated by NYPD officers during arrest, March 2012.

Aiyana Stanley-Jones (7) shot in the head by Detroit police when they entered the wrong home, May 2010.

Tarika Wilson (26) killed by police when they opened fire on her home shooting her 14 month old son in the process, Cleveland, Ohio, January 2008.

Kathryn Johnston (92) killed in botched raid by Atlanta police, November 2006.

Alberta Spruill (57) died from grenade thrown into her home by mistake NYPD, May 2003.

Kendra James (21) killed by Oregon police via pepper spray and taser, May 2003.

“Violence against Black women continues, while such outrage was swept the nation over extrajudicial killings of Black men, comparatively less attention has been given to these [and many more] Black women.”– Gloria Carissa


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