Wednesday October 10, 2012

Dear Readers,

Over the last two years I have received many letters and comments from you.  Now that is in its third year I would like to start publishing Letters to BCP and Opinion Editorials.  

Do you have something to say about activism, academia,, current events, literature, life, or politics?  Is there something on your mind that mainstream media is not covering?  Have you written something that has not found a home?

There is no need to pitch a Letter or Op-Ed as they are not articles.  Keep in mind that not all Letters and Op-Eds submitted will be published, and they are their own genres of writing to be written with care, respect, and thoughtfulness like any other genre.

If you are new to read the publication and find out what it’s about before submitting.  Here at three resources for that: ABOUT and Black Coffee Poet and Popular Posts.

Submit to with Letter to BCP or Opinion Editorial in the subject line.  

Submissions must include full name, phone number, and address of sender.  Home addresses and phone numbers will not be published.  I reserve the right to edit letters and opinion editorials.  Letters run from 50 to 30o words.  Opinion Editorials run from 700 to 800 words.  Due to the volume of submissions I can not acknowledge or publish every submission.

Thank you for your support, time, and consideration.


Jorge Antonio Vallejos

Black Coffee Poet


About Black Coffee Poet

Black Coffee Poet is a mixed race poet, essayist, and journalist who focuses on Social Justice, Indigenous Rights, STOPPING Violence Against Women, Film, and Literature.
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