White Supremacy All Around Me

By Jorge Antonio Vallejos

The last 24hours has had me feeling like I’m in an old Jay Z song called D’Evils.

The hook goes, “Dear God I wonder can you save me?  Illuminati on my mind soul and my body.  Secret society trying to keep an eye on me.”  The first part of the hook is sung by Snoop Dog and the last part by Mobb Deep.

D’Evils that had me going paranoid for 2 hours last night were articles and images of white supremacy shared on Face Book. 

The articles were about a group of white supremacist thugs who have growing chapters in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and London.  They have set people on fire, swarmed people in broad daylight, and attempted to hold a White Pride march that was shut down.  

The images of white supremacy were of a cake ceremony in Sweden that I really don’t want to get into cause it’s so disturbing.

Then a YOUTUBE video by a white girl in Brampton, Ontario ranting about Brown people hit me today. 

White supremacy is all around me!

It’s as far as Vancouver and as close as Brampton. 

Of course there are racist peoples everywhere.  My neighbours are racist and they’ve shown me that several times.  But people organizing assaults whether physically, or verbally on YOUTUBE, or via marches seems to be growing.

A white ally last night told me to not worry as the groups around us—London, Ontario—are wannabe’s.  I responded that wannabes can be more dangerous than the real thing.  

It’s easy for a white person to tell a person of colour not to worry.

After our talk I had visions of my Cree friend and I being attacked.  We swung our fists everywhere and survived.  But how many don’t survive?  And are my paranoid visions gonna become a reality?

Shit is real, people are being set on fire!

I started YOUTUBING videos of white supremacists and fed my paranoia via their hate filled words; scary images of muscular whites full of tattoos that symbolize my end; and news reports of people of colour killed at the hands of such white men.

White Supremacy was on my mind, soul, and body.

Today, I was telling my Anishinaabe friend about my paranoia and she was laughing while looking behind her shoulder, mimicking me. 

After she thought about my story and the info I shared about the attacks and marches she said, “Scary!”

It is scary.

But, that’s what the media and these white supremacists want: US to be scared.

I didn’t sleep well last night and it’s not only because of my disability.  I realize it was the fear of white supremacists organizing in my city and starting to attack peoples of colour.  It’s bad enough that I have to worry about racist cops and rent-a-cops, I don’t need an added stress like a resurgence of the Heritage Front or a group that is more aggressive and violent than them.

There is a flipside to my story of paranoia. 

I found clips of independent media in Vancouver where activists approached white supremacist lawyers and skinheads in ambush style interviews.  They questioned them, challenged them, and educated them via their words and actions.

The clips helped; they gave me hope; I saw different peoples of colour (East Asian, South Asian, and Native) working together and with white allies to combat white supremacy.

By coming together were gonna fight this plague and stop it from growing.

D’Evils ends with Snoop Dog saying, “I can’t die, I can’t die.”

 I’m not gonna die.  Not via paranoia causing sickness, or some tattooed juicepig. 

White Supremacy ain’t taking me over.

I have Creator, community, and confidence.


About Black Coffee Poet

Black Coffee Poet is a mixed race poet, essayist, and journalist who focuses on Social Justice, Indigenous Rights, STOPPING Violence Against Women, Film, and Literature.
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  2. N G says:

    I don’t know if you’ve read about the situation in Arizona since you don’t have a search function on your website but things are seriously getting scary down there compared to Canada with state based oppression of Latinos and Native Americans. Basically the authorities are trying to erase Latino heritage by eliminating Mexican American studies in schools and banning any books written by Latinos, native people or any others presenting an alternative view of American history to white privilege approved stories. This year there is a bill in the Arizona legislature to replace current school curricula with a bible based one. I posted on this topic on February 8, 2012.


    I also posted on April 28, 2011 about the connections between the Arizona legislature and the NAS, the American neo Nazi party.


    The best current source on this topic is the American Indians in Children’s Literature website. I had previous sources in Tucson but they were shut down by the authorities last month. A documentary entitled “Precious Knowledge” has been made on this situation and here is the link to the trailer:

    I might add that the Mexican American Studies program demonstrated in the trailer has been shut down by folks in power who don’t want the oppressed to do critical thinking about their situation and the teachers in the video are under pressure to quit by constant surveillance of the authorities who observed and judge them based on secret and arbitrary criteria. There is also a new rule in the school board that only people who don’t have an accent (meaning American accent) can teach English.

    I don’t want to minimize the situation in Canada but it’s a whole other world down south.

  3. bob says:

    oh bullshit. you fucking idiots pissing and moaning about this crap. A few idiots in trailer parks with nothing better to do. there’s no white supremacy movement. Whites BECAME supreme by being smart and working hard, NOT by oppressing anyone. Get educated and learn to take responsibility for yourselves and stop crying and being paranoid.


  5. agsadtdealer says:

    Even though the title of your blog is very short, still, it is catchy enough to manage the attraction at first sight, and conveying the gist of the whole matter.

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