This week has been a big learning week for me.

On Monday I wrote a post about Transphobia on the T.V show “The View”.  I received several comments; some were supportive and many were filled with info that taught me many things.

Wednesday saw me write about being an ally and how it’s a constant learning process.  This VLOG is an extension of that article.

Let me know what you think.  


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Black Coffee Poet is a mixed race poet, essayist, and journalist who focuses on Social Justice, Indigenous Rights, STOPPING Violence Against Women, Film, and Literature.
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6 Responses to LEARNING AS AN ALLY

  1. clementine cannibal says:

    hey! thanks for your honesty throughout this process! i think a lot of us are so scared of being called out that we either don’t try to change things at all or we don’t change our behaviour when called out. the humility it takes to do that is such an important skill for activist communities and people in general to learn. so thanks.

    • Clementine,

      Thanks for viewing my VLOG!

      I think the more we acknowledge our messups the better work we will do as activists and progressive peoples. And who doesn’t mess up? When we take that into account it gets easier to admit our wrongs, learn from them, and move on.

      Thanks for commenting.



  2. Frankinstein says:

    Thank you, thank you for this. I came across your vlog at an especially relevant time; the idea that as an ally we always have to be conscious that we may make mistakes, and be accountable and willing to learn is spot-on. Loving, mindful accountability – and critiques – are central to any activist community being able to move forward (IMHO) and I’ve shared your post with some of the organizations I’m active in with the hope that they engender discussion as to ally-ship and all that it entails (both for allies and community members). I look forward to reading/watching your previous material and your future posts. Thanks again.

    • Frankinstein says:

      Actually, I should have clarified: I’ve shared this with specific groups to engender conversation because, despite previous efforts by me & by others, this message will (sadly) be taken more seriously coming from a man. Not to denigrate your post – it’s fantastic – but sometimes, guys are just more receptive to a message that comes from someone they can more easily identify with.

  3. Hello! I read your original post about Jenna’s appearance on The View. I am a disabled queer woman and found your Vlog today to be especially relevant to my own processes. Recently, I have been working on checking my own privilege (as a cisgendered white woman who looks able-bodied), and although I am a long time ally to the Trans* community, I am realizing that just being aware of my privilege as a cis-gendered woman is not nearly enough. I am trying to change my own focus of speaking from places of privilege while educating myself and your video was very helpful. I have always thought that different communities should bridge to each other, which I have not always seen; I have seen organizations that advocate for one community, while unapologetically leaving another behind, whether it be people in the trans* community, people of colour, disabled folk or class, etc. Thanks for all the work you’re doing and for making me think.

    Much love and peace, Jennifer.

  4. *realizing I’m speaking from a place of privilege.

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